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  • Korrex Nürnberg Proofing Press for Sale thumb

    [SOLD] Korrex Nürnberg Proofing Press for Sale

    1971 Korrex Nürnberg proofing press by Max Simmel looking for new home. 

    We continue to free up space in our studio for new equipment and want to sell B3 proofing press.

    Press is in fully working condition, its still in production. This press easy to operate and adjust, it works … Read more

  • Friedrich Heim engraved printing press for sale thumb

    [SOLD] Intaglio (Engraved Printing) Press for Sale

    We continue to free up space in our studio for new equipment and want to sell rare, late model, Friedrich-Heim intaglio (engraved printing) press.

    This press is perfect if you want to print really luxury  invitations, business cards or business stationery. Check out this post to see printed samples. Bellow … Read more

  • Kids SPA logotype business cards

    Kids Spa Logotype

    We were working with very interesting project developing team, that has decided to change mothers and their newborn babies relaxation habits. We have a child who is not a baby now, and remember how hard it was to find common activities: pool just for adults or just for babies, massage … Read more

  • premium business cards

    Premium printing technologies: Precision of Letterpress Printing

    We starting to review all high-quality printing technologies, which we use to print your premium business cards, luxury wedding invitations, business stationery and packaging projects. In this article, we will write about the most popular high-quality technology cold letterpress printing.

    Letterpress printing was the normal form of printing text from … Read more

  • Logo Design and Corporate Identity for Lawyer Company

    Well, we are not only printing but also a graphic design studio. You probably know that we do business cards and wedding invitation designs. It’s nothing new, but we also can offer bigger design pack services for business – from logo to full Corporate Identity design creation.

    Why it is Read more
  • Business cards with blind debossed pattern and gold edges

    Business cards with blind debossed pattern and gold edges

    We really like how these gold foiled business cards came together. Simple patterns look great letterpress printed and often times add a special custom touch. The gold edges on dark paper makes it that much more attractive as well! These cards are printed on thick 700 gsm burgundy paper. Business… Read more
  • Card stock paper weight and thickness

    All you need to know about cardstock paper weight and thickness

    When choosing paper for print work is always quite a big dilemma what cardstock weight and thikness to pick for business cards, wedding invitations, envelopes or postcards. There are used various dimensions while discussing about paper weight in different regions. 

    GSM: GSM is based on density (Grams per Square Meter)… Read more

  • Letterpress, Silkscreen or Digital - Choosing the Right Printing Technique

    Letterpress, Silkscreen or Digital – Choosing the Right Printing Technique

    Print designers have limitless imagination, and nowadays printing techniques can produce all ideas in reality. But will the final printed product always meet fulfillment and price requirements? Sometimes it turns out that creating a beautiful image on a computer monitor is often much easier than producing the real printed product. … Read more

  • business card sizes and shapes

    Business Card Sizes & Shapes

    Elegante Press Studio has created and printed a lot of various sizes and shapes business cards (check out this gallery), sometimes card shapes are really sophisticated, but we are always very pleased with the originality of the people who are determined to transcend the settled standards. However, not … Read more

  • Embossed business christmas cards 17

    Deboss vs. Emboss

    While discussing with clients about their card expectations, we face with terminology dilemma – what method should be used – printing with the impression, pop out, emboss, deboss. Some customers or designers use specific technical terms but imagine something different, so in this article we will try to make everything … Read more