Letterpress Business Cards

What is Letterpress Printing?

Letterpress printing is an antique-style technique that has been used since the 15th century, with wooden type blocks inked and pressed against paper or card stock. It’s a timeless form of relief printing that creates embossed impressions on the surface of the paper – it looks classic yet modern at the same time.

What are the advantages of letterpress printing for business cards?

Letterpress printing will turn your cards into a piece of artwork with a unique and luxurious look that will make your business cards stand out from the crowd. The raised impressions created by the letterpress process give your cards a tactile quality that can’t be achieved with other printing methods. Additionally, letterpress printing allows for more intricate designs than digital or offset printing, so you can really get creative with your cards. Finally, letterpress printing is an eco-friendly option since it uses cotton paper, less energy and fewer chemicals than other printing methods.

If you don’t have possibility to design your custom letterpress business cards, or you require a consultation about your artwork, simply contact our professional team and we will make sure that your business cards will look like nothing else.

Tips for designing letterpress business cards

When it comes to designing perfect business card there are some important tips to keep in mind, such as using bold fonts or graphics that really pop, making sure all your contact information is legible, staying away from too many colors or complex patterns, and keeping your overall design simple but effective. You should also think about the type of cardstock you want to use – choose our pure cotton or any uncoated premium paper and we will print your cards with deep impression and tactile deboss. If you need more colors — you will be able to choose from more than 50 shades of premium colour paper options. Ultimately it’s best to keep it simple and let the letterpress take center stage!

What is the price of letterpress printing for business cards?

Letterpress printing is labour-intensive processes. The cost of letterpress printing may vary, depending on the order quantity, paper, design, and quantity of printed colors. Generally speaking, a standard-sized, single-sided business cards with a one color printing will cost around €125 ($138) for 200 cards including custom design works. If you would send us print ready design file, price will be €105 ($115) for 200 cards. If you want to add additional colors or special features such as painted edges, thick cardstock, foil stamping or embossing, then the price will increase accordingly. In other hand – if you would order bigger quantities, price per piece will getting smaller.

Embellishments that make your business cards look exceptional

Printing with deboss is called ‘letterpress‘, it means that we press objects into the paper and it looks really impressive. It is a medium-expensive printing technique, the price range is between flat, digital printing and foiling. With deboss, we can print only spot colors. Thick cotton stock fits perfectly for letterpress printing.


Now glossy foil is very popular and some elements will add an extra shine to your business card. Foiling is one of the most expensive printing methods. Mostly we recommend to foil on dark color paper, then glossy elements create a nice contrast with dark background.

letterpress business card foil copper

With letterpress technique, we can deboss (impress) objects, text into paper, and emboss will create a pop out effect on the paper surface. Emboss can be combined with other printing methods to compose spectacular 3D paper transformation. Check out more information about  embossed business cards.

embossed letterpress business card 2

If we need to print without relief we use silkscreen or digital printing methods. Digital printing has one major advantage if compared with traditional printing processes – digitally possible to print almost any image on a business card: mid tones, colorful flowers or your photo.

businss card with stunning backround 2

Business card with painted edges will look more exceptional. Edges can be painted with all Pantone Uncoated colors. To be edging visible we recommend to choose at least 430 gsm stock for your business cards, of course, thicker cardstock is even better.

Stunning Business Card with Portrait 1

Glossy gold, silver or copper gilded edges will look not only exclusively but will add to your card a delicate luxury touch. To make sure the foiled edge is really noticeable, we recommend using thicker an darker stock.

Stunning Business Cards Hotel Photographer

Differently shaped business cards will also stand out from the crowd. Typically, we cut business cards with equipment that can do rectangular shape. But we can use special dies (or sometimes even laser cut), and cut almost any shape you want.

Die Cut Business Card - Hangtag 3

By saying “Duplex” we mean gluing of 2 or more paper sheets. If you need really thick or different backgrounds on opposite sides of your business cards, we will print your business cards on separate sheets of paper and then glue them together. Sometimes we glue even 3 or more layers to get elegant colored cut.

red business cards with roud corner

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Jason N.Jason N.

Viktorija at Elegant Press was great to work with. She answered all of my questions and let me know what to expect with respect to the job. I did have my own design for the printing already set, but they were able to make additional necessary changes to the design to fit with the printing requirements.

The quality of the product (business card) is really amazing. The card stock is excellent, very professional and the clarity of the letterpress is the best I have ever seen. Clearly, they are working with very high quality machines.

Even though there was a time difference with them being in Europe, they returned my emails each and every day and there was never a lag in communication. I am definitely going to use them again the future.


I absolutely adore their work. The quality is beautiful and the texture is divine! I had no idea the process would be so seamless. I can’t wait to work with them again! Thank you!

Danny MielesDanny Mieles

My experience with Elegante Press was nothing short of amazing! Everything about their operation from their product to their customer service is first class. I will absolutely be ordering from them again in the future as well as recommending them to anyone with card printing needs.