Logo Design and Corporate Identity for Lawyer Company

Well, we are not only printing but also a graphic design studio. You probably know that we do business cards and wedding invitation designs. It’s nothing new, but we also can offer bigger design pack services for business – from logo to full Corporate Identity design creation.

Why it is convenient for companies to order identity design services in our studio?
One of the reasons is that in our studio we can show you and explain about materials and various possibilities of their use in your corporate Identity stuff.
We also know how to mix colors and how those colors will look on chosen materials.
And most important – our studio can print all traditional analogue printing methods. We will advise what technologies can be used for your project and also you will have possibility to see, touch and compare how these technologies are differentiated and at the same time compatible with each other on the paper.
So doing logo with us, these three reasons will let you sleep calmly: you will not have to worry about how everything will look like printed on paper, what kind of paper will fit best for your business card, what printing method you have to choose, and how final print work would look like when you will have it in your hands.

Below you can see the pictures of the logo we created for law service company. Logo Design and Corporate Identity for Lawyer Company 1Logo Design and Corporate Identity for Lawyer Company 2