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  • Business Card Sizes & Shapes

    Elegante Press Studio has created and printed a lot of various sizes and shapes letterpress business cards, sometimes card shapes are really sophisticated, but we are always very pleased with the originality of the people who are determined to transcend the settled standards. However, not standard size and shape can … Read more

  • Deboss vs. Emboss

    While discussing with clients about their card expectations, we face with terminology dilemma – what method should be used – printing with the impression, pop out, emboss, deboss. Some customers or designers use specific technical terms but imagine something different, so in this article we will try to make everything … Read more

  • Premium printing technologies: Precision of Letterpress

    We starting to review all high-quality printing technologies, which we use to print your premium business cards, luxury wedding invitations, business stationery and packaging projects.

    In the first article, we will write about most popular high-quality printing technology cold letterpress. Letterpress printing was the normal form of printing text from … Read more

  • The beauty of letterpress impression

    Ok – we do mistakes during the printing and sometimes those mistakes becomes to beautiful inspiring combinations. On this image you can see how letterpress business cards printing miss-registration and double impression with foil gives really nice blind impression and hot foil overprint combination. Close up shot shows the beauty … Read more