We are design and letterpress studio with a flair for doing things differently not only for being just different, but to let our client feel

Will produce your stuff in highest quality

Hi, we would be happy to design and print your luxury invitations, letterpress business cards, custom stationery and announcements. We use old traditional printing technologies, heavy vintage printing machines, 100% cotton eco friendly paper and oil based inks.

Viskas daroma rankomis, todėl darbas labai imlus laikui, dėl to klientas gauna produktą pripildytą geros energijos. Mes dirbame kartu su klientu kol sukuriame ir atspausdiname unikalų gaminį pabrėžiantį jo individualumą ir eleganciją. Kadangi esame maža studija, tai leidžia mums suteikti išskirtinį asmeninį dėmesį kiekvienam mūsų klientui ir kiekvienam užsakymui, todėl dauguma klientų tampa mūsų draugais.

Why Elegante Press

We work with each customer individually and directly transfer his ideas to the product. We try all our works to be unique and suitable for the client, that he could feel extra special. Read more»

Request a Sample

If you would like to touch and feel our nice cotton papers and check letterpress printing quality we would be happy to sent a sample pack to you! Order Samples»

Design for Letterpress

We love to work with designers and if you are one of them, then you should know how to prepare your design for letterpress printing.
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